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By employing TI’s DSP control, the processing speed and fault protection become much better
By using advanced 3-level inverter technology, it has good output wave form and high over-all efficiency
With cold-start function, the UPS can be started up without AC input
Because the input power factor is up to 0.999, the energy efficiency can be improved a lots, the grid load becomes lower,and the cost of electricity distribution can be reduced
Intelligent battery management: it is automatically converting boost or float charge, temperate compensate to avoid over or less charge; adjusted the cut off voltage of discharge according to load capacity, greatly extend life of the battery pack
With intelligent fan speed control, the fan speed is depended on the load capacity to extend the life of fan
Under ECO energy-saving mode, the efficiency of UPS system can be more than 99%, suitable for the area of good AC quality
And it can quickly switch back to inverter mode within 5ms
Manual bypass design ensures uninterrupted operations during maintenance and the system becomes more reliable

MODEL AHR-603K AHR-104K AHR-124K AHR-204K AHR-124K-277V  AHR-204K-277V 
Capacity  VA / Watt 60kVA/54kW 100kVA/90kW 120kVA/108kW 200kVA/180kW 120kVA/108kW 200kVA/180kW 
Power Module Capacity  10kVA/9kW  20kVA/18kW  20kVA/18kW 
Nominal Voltage 120/208V(3P4W + G) 220/380V(3P4W + G)  277/480V(3P4W + G) 
Voltage Range ±15%(±10% / ±20% selectable) ±25% ( ±20% / ±15% selectable) ±15%(±10% / ±20% selectable)
Frequency Range 50/60Hz ±10%(±5% selectable)
Bypass Synchronization  50/60Hz ±5%(±10% selectable)
Bypass Voltage Range +15% ( +10% / +20% selectable)
-20% (-15%  / -30% selectable) 
Power Factor ≥0.99
Total Harmonic Distortion (THDi) Linear load(full load) ≤3%;Non-linear load(full load) ≤5%
Voltage 120/208V(3P4W+G or 3P3W+G) 220/380V(3P4W+G or 3P3W+G)  277/480V(3P4W+G or 3P3W+G) 
Voltage Regulation ±1%(Static)
Frequency Synchronized (AC mode);50/60Hz ± 0.2%(Battery mode)  
Phase Difference Balanced load: ≤2°;Unbalanced load: ≤5°
Total Harmonic Distortion (THDv)  Linear load: ≤3%;Non-linear load: ≤6%
Bypass Inverter Transfer Time Synchronized:0ms;Asynchronous<20ms
Efficiency AC mode: ≥92.5%;Battery mode: ≥95% AC mode ≥94%;Battery mode ≥97% AC mode ≥95%;Battery mode ≥97%
Overload Capability 125% : 10 minutes
Current Sharing  <5% 
DC Component ≤100mV
Unbalance Load Capability 100% unbalanced load
Nominal Voltage ±192Vdc ±360Vdc ±408Vdc
Charging Current Max. 30A Max. 50A Max. 30A Max. 50A Max. 30A Max. 50A
Protection of Battery Deep Discharge Yes
Battery Start Yes
Operating Temperature 0-40 ℃(32-104 ℉)
Relative Humidity <95%(non-condensing)
Audible Noise(At 1M) <63 dBA
Protection(IP degree) IP20
LCD UPS status, I/P&O/P Voltage/Frequency, Load level, Battery voltage
LED UPS working status
Standard Input dry contact, output dry contact, RS232/RS485, SNMP(optional)
Dimensions(W*D*H)mm 600*900*1400 600*900*2000 600*900*1400  600*900*2000 600*900*1400  600*900*2000
Weight UPS System 327kg(N.W.),
Power Module 22.1kg(N.W.),24.3kg(G.W.) 25.1kg(N.W.), 27.3kg(G.W.)
✽ All specifications mentioned above are subject to change without prior notice
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AHR Series 60-200kVA